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Devil's Backbone Adventure Resort is the premier lodging and camping destination for visitors to the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System. We offer convenient ride-in, ride-out access and can easily accommodate large groups. We have a wide range of accommodations including a unique heliport, cabins,

RV sites,  and deluxe tents.

The Tipple Tavern is a full restaurant and bar featuring delectable appetizers, salads, burgers, and entrees created by our Executive Chef, Amy Elizabeth Weston. We also offer catering options for large groups at the resort, on the trails, or elsewhere off-site!

The Backbone Company Store offers trail permits, official Hatfield McCoy Trail souvenirs, resort merchandise, ice, firewood, charcoal, drinks, beer, wine, food, trail gear, and basic necessities you may need during your stay. 

Relax around our inground pool after a long day of riding the trails (open Memorial Day to Labor Day) or soak in your own hot tub at your cabin. 

Gas station providing 87 and 93 ethanol free gas! Located past primitive camping near the front gate.

Are you curious to see what Mingo County has to offer aside from the trails?

Check out our Things to Do page!


The story of Devil’s Backbone Adventure Resort begins generations ago, steeped in the cultural history of these Appalachian hills legendary for not only fierce beauty, but also unbreakable family bonds. Beginning in 1891 - as the family drama continued to unfold - our company began purchasing land from Devil Anse, Cap, Johnse, Elias, and Patterson Hatfield, along with Jim and Mary Vance. Land, as it will, shifted hands and uses through the ages. The property, like virtually all of the property in these hills, was mined for coal. Today, family cemeteries, gravesites (including that of Jim Vance, who was also killed here), battle grounds, and historical sites still dot our property, many of which are not accessible to the general public.

The Hatfield-McCoy Feud has reached mythic proportions and has come to be known worldwide, and it is the very property on which we sit that the families fought, loved, and died over. The Devil’s Backbone, our namesake, is a strategic outcrop where Devil Anse Hatfield was confident he could both hide and defend himself against a regimen of Union soldiers. Known for his mountain-bred trigger accuracy, Devil Anse was determined to hold off the troops as a solo crackshot, come hell or high water. Cap Hatfield also used the Backbone to hide from the law for two years, protected and fed by the citizens of Matewan prior to his eventual surrender. The stories are adventurous, passionate, and with universal elements that have seared them into our American consciousness.


Today the land is experiencing a revival in new and exciting ways. As the influence of coal has waned - along with the economic vitality it once provided this land and its people - recreation has sprung up to offer new potential in various ways. People from all over our country, Canada, and beyond, have begun to explore the recreation, friendly locals, and unparalleled beauty West Virginia has always offered. West Virginia: wild and wonderful. We invite you to join us!

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Tipple Tavern (Restaurant and Bar)

Backbone Company Store

Gas Station

Direct trail access to Devil Anse Trail 59

Ample parking for vehicles and trailers

Free Wi-Fi

Laundry facilities (coin operated)  

ATV wash station (card only)

Charcoal grill

Picnic table and/or patio furniture


Inground pool

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