• Where are you located?

    • We are located in Red Jacket, WV just outside of Matewan, WV and directly on Trail 59.​

  • How do I get to your resort?

    • We highly recommend you follow our DRIVING DIRECTIONS provided. Some GPS systems do not provide the best directions for large vehicles.  

  • Do you sell firewood?

    • Yes! You may purchase a bundle at a time or unlimited firewood at our resort store.​

  • Do you sell ice?

    • Yes! You may purchase small and large bags of ice at our resort store.

  • What are your store hours?

    • Hours may vary but the store is usually open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

  • Do you have a bathhouse?​

    • Yes! We have two bathhouses with individual bathrooms​, one located on Trail 59 (two bathrooms) and one in the lower RV area (six bathrooms).

  • Do you have laundry facilities?​

    • Yes! We have a coin-operated washer and dryer in the white trailer near the front entrance.​

  • Do you have an ATV wash station?

    • Yes! It is located on Trail 59 near the Deluxe Tents. It accepts $1 or $5 bills and credit cards.​

  • Do you allow pets?​

    • Pets are permitted in the Heliport, RV sites, and primitive camping​. Pets are not permitted in the cabins, RV rentals, and deluxe tents.

  • Do you have quiet hours?​

    • Yes. Between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am noise interfering with the peaceful enjoyment by occupants of adjoining sites is strictly prohibited. ​

  • Do you have cell phone service?​

    • We are located in a rural area, so cell phone service is limited. Verizon tends to do better than AT&T. We offer free Wi-Fi and are working to improve our internet connection.​


  • Do you have a pool?

    • Yes! Our pool opened this summer.​

  • Is the pool heated?

    • Yes!​

  • What are the pool hours?

    • When in operation, the pool is open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.​

  • What months are the pool open?

    • Varies with the weather. The pool closed in late October. We hope to open the pool in March 2021.

  • Is there a hot tub?

    • Cabin 20 is the only site with a hot tub.


    ​Is there a pool house?

    The Tipple Tavern will open April 2021 and will include bathrooms, restaurant, and bar! 


  • How close are the Hatfield McCoy Trails?

    • We are located directly on Trail 59 of the Devil Anse Trail System with ride-in access.

  • Do you offer guided tours?

    • Yes!​ Contact our Resort Manager, Brandon Barker, at (304) 601-0709 for more information.

  • When are the trails open?

    • The trails are open during daylight hours year round.

  • Can you drive on the main roads?

    • Driving on pavement is permitted with a permit. Please obey all traffic laws.

  • Is there a minimum age to ride the trails?

    • Minimum age is 6 years old. No booster seats or car seats allowed.

  • Do you have to wear a helmet?

    • All riders must have a DOT, Snell, or other approved helmet.

  • How far is it to Buffalo Mountain?

    • About an hour by trail.

  • How far is it to Rockhouse Trail System?

    • About 2.5 hours by trail.

  • How far is it to Gilbert?

    • 50 miles by trail, or 20 miles by road.​

  • How far is it to the Kentucky trails?​

    • About 6 miles from the resort, just one mile out of Matewan

Click here for HMT's full list of Trail Rules & Regulations.

HMT Permits

  • Do the Hatfield-McCoy Trails require everyone to have a permit?

    • Yes. All riders and passengers must have their own trail permit visible on their helmet. You may carry the permit with you if you wear more than one helmet in the year.

  • How do I get a trail permit?

    • We sell permits in the resort store. Just provide ID, fill out a short form, and hit the trails!

  • How much are trail permits?

    • WV Residents: $26.50          Out of State:  $50.00          Out of State Veteran:  $26.50

  • How long are the permits valid?

    • Trail permits are valid for the calendar year within they are purchased.        


  • We have compiled nearby restaurants, stores, things to do, trail recovery services, parts & service centers, tours, and rentals on our TRAILS & THINGS TO DO page.

  • Where is the nearest gas station?

    • Giovanni's Pizza (and gas station) is located 3.6 miles from the resort entrance. When leaving the resort, turn right onto Mate Creek Road, and then left onto US-65 S. 

  • What is the nearest town?​

    • Matewan is 5.5 miles away and has shops, museums, and restaurants​ (listed on our TRAILS & THINGS TO DO page). It is located on the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River. 

  • Where can I refill my propane tank?​

    • BWB Enterprise​ at 1560 Route 49, Matewan, WV 25678. Their phone number is (304) 426-4304



(304) 542-7066

100 Adventure Lane

Matewan, WV 25678

Brandon Barker, Resort Manager

(304) 601-0709

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